GUS character waiving hello and saying, together we are one world, one race, many beautiful colors.

Global Unity Sphere

Founder message

Our goal is to create unity, but it’s so much bigger than just that. Watch this video to see what G.U.S is all about!

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By partnering the desire for unity with the visual, tactile and social opportunity crayons represent, we hope to teach the children well and let them go forward and lead the way to global unity.

The world is filled with people whose skin comes in many beautiful colors and just like the world, the Global Unity Sphere is filled with many beautiful colors. Together, those beautiful colors provide an opportunity for an amazing outcome. No one color is more important than another. After all, in the end, just like in the Global Unity Sphere, we are all just crayons.

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Shop our products and support Global Unity by knowing a portion of our proceeds are donated to the Global Unity Foundation. Visit them at
Pre-order today! All items will ship at the beginning of December.
Global Unity SphereGlobal Unity Sphere
$ 24.95 USD
GUS Plush ToyGUS Plush Toy
$ 14.95 USD
Unity T-ShirtUnity T-Shirt
$ 16.95 USD
Unity CapUnity Cap
$ 19.95 USD
Pre-order today! All items will ship at the beginning of December.

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Our Story

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